Tank Sign




319. Well Designation and Markers The owner shall mark each drilling, producing, or injection well in a conspicuous place with his name, name of lease, number of the well and legal description of the location of the well. All signs shall be maintained in a legible condition.

All abandoned wells shall be marked with a permanent monument on which shall be shown the operator, the lease, the number, and location of the well, or at the request of the landowner, a plug or seal shall be placed at the surface of the ground or the bottom of the cellar in the hole in such manner as not to interfere with soil cultivation or other surface use. The monument, if erected, shall consist of a piece of pipe, not less than four (4) inches in diameter, and not less than ten (10) feet in length of which four (4) feet shall be above the ground level, the remainder being securely imbedded in cement. The top pipe must be permanently sealed.