250.15 Identification A. Platforms, structures, artificial islands and mobile drilling units which have helicopter landing facilities shall be identified with at least one sign using letters and figures no less than 12 inches in height. Signs for units without helicopter landing facilities shall use letters and figures not less than 3 inches in height. Signs shall be affixed at a location that is visible to approaching traffic and shall contain the following information: 1. Name of lease operator 2. The area designation based on OCS official protraction diagrams (except the Pacific OCS region) 3. The block number (lease number in the Pacific OCS platform) in which the facility is located 4. Platform structure or rig name B. For each single completed well, the lease number and well number shall be painted on the wellhead or on a sign affixed to the wellhead. Wells with multiple completions shall be individually identified at the wellhead. For sub-sea wellheads, the required sign shall be affixed to the flowline at a convenient surface location on the platform to which it is connected. All identifying signs shall be maintained in a legible condition.