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165:10-3-17 Well Site and Surface Facilities

F. Upon issuance of a permit, the well operator may proceed with the drilling of the well at the exact location shown on the plat after providing the department, the surface landowner and the local political subdivision in which the well is to be located 24 hours notice of the date that drilling will commence. In noncoal areas where more than one well is to be drilled as part of the same development project, only the first well of the project needs to be located by survey. The remaining wells of the project shall be shown on the plat in a manner prescribed by regulation. Prior to drilling each of the additional project wells, the well operator shall notify the department of his intention and provide reasonable notice of the date drilling will commence. Whenever, before or during the drilling of any well which is not within the outside boundaries of an operating coal mine, the well operator shall encounter conditions of such a nature as to render drilling of the bore hole or portions thereof more hazardous than usual, or otherwise impossible, then the well operator shall have the right, upon verbal notice to the department to immediately plug all or portions of the bore hole. If drilling has occurred, and to commence a new bore hole not more than 50 feet distant if the location of the new borehole does not violate section 205 and if, for wells subject to act of July 25, 1961 (PL 825, No 359), known as the Oil and Gas Conservation Law. The new location complies with any existing law, regulation or spacing order and if the new bore hole is a minimum of 330 feet distant from the nearest lease boundary. Within ten days of commencement of the new bore hole, the well operator shall file with the department a written notice of intention to plug, a well record, a completion report, a plugging certificate for the original bore hole and an amended plat for the new bore hole. The well operator shall forward a copy of the amended plat to the surface landowner identified on the well permit application within ten days of commencement of the new well bore.

G. The well permit number and operator's name, address and telephone number shall be posted at the drilling site, in conspicuous manner, prior to commencement of drilling.

H. The well operator shall install the permit number issued by the department in a legible, visible and permanent manner on the well upon completion.