Well Sign




43-02-03-17 Sign on Well. Every well associated with the production of oil and gas except plugged wells shall be identified by a sign posted on the derrick or not more than twenty feet [6.10 meters] from the well. The sign shall be of durable construction and the lettering thereon shall be kept in a legible condition and shall be large enough to be legible under normal conditions at a distance of fifty feet [15.24 meters]. The wells on each lease or property shall be numbered in non-repetitive sequence, unless some other system of numbering was adopted by the owner prior to the adoption of this chapter. Each sign must show the well name and number (which shall be different or distinctive for each well), the name of the operator, file number, and the location by quarter-quarter, section, township, and range. Existing well identification signs that are otherwise in accord with this section except that well locations are shown by quarter section rather than quarter-quarter section or show the permit number rather than the file number shall be allowed to remain.