Well Sign




82-3-126 Tank and Truck Identification; Penalty

A. Tanks. All oil tanks, tank batteries, tanks used for salt water collection or disposal, and tanks used for sediment oil treatment or storage shall be identified by a sign posted on, or not more than 50 feet from the tank or tank battery. The sign shall be durable construction and shall be large enough to be legible under normal conditions at a distance of 50 feet. The sign shall identify: 1. The name and license number of the operator 2. The name of the lease being served by the tank 3. The location of the tank by unit name, section, township, range and county

B. The failure to post an identification sign shall be punishable by $100 penalty.

C. Trucks, every truck, tank wagon or other vehicle transporting crude petroleum oil, sediment oil, water or brine produced in association with the production of oil and gas shall have the name and address of the owner or lessee painted or otherwise durably marked on both sides of the vehicle.