Well Sign




20 AAC 25.040. Well Identification.

A. Every well must be identified by a sign posted in a conspicuous place. During the period of time from commencement of drilling operations to well completion, suspension, or abandonment, the sign must be on or near the drill rig, but not more than 100 feet from the well. After well completion or suspension, the well sign must be at the wellhead or on the wellhead building. The sign must be of durable construction, large enough to be legible under normal conditions at a distance of 50 feet, and maintained in legible condition. Each sign must show the: 1. Name designated by the operator under 20 AAC 25.005(f) for the well drilled from the surface location; 2. Name of the owner; 3. Name of the operator if different from the owner; 4. API number that the commission has, under (b) of this section, assigned to the well. 5. Well surface location by governmental quarter section, section, township, and range. 6. Permit to Drill number that the commission has assigned under (b) of this section.
The commission will assign a Permit to Drill number and an API number when a Permit to Drill (Form 10-401) is approved.
For platforms or multiple-well drill sites, the information required in (a)(2)-(a)(5) of this section may be posted on one sign on the platform or at the main entrance to the drill site.

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